A Perfect Everyday Table Setting that won’t break the bank.

Rainy summer weekends have the incredible ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia that can’t be ignored. Since leaving Ottawa, and my position with Ottawa Life Magazine as the Home & Design Editor, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with other things. However, while rummaging through my vintage steamer trunk of decor items, I realized just how…

C’mon Baby Light My Fire

Fuzzy socks, cozy blanket and warm fireplace… Perfect recipe for a relaxing afternoon with a nice book and favorite drink on a colourful autumn day or crisp winter weekend. Your mind is wondering as you are visiting this professionally showcased property. Can it be the one, this comfortable house you have been looking for?  

Mix it up #LIKEABOSS

I’m all over the map when it comes to my “style”. One minute I’m fixated on the rivets of an industrial rolling cart and the next I am fabricating a bohochic hippie reading tent. However, what I have found during my deign consults is that I am not alone. When my clients present me with…

The Upcycle Challenge

There’s absolutely no question that I love a good DIY project. So, when I was asked to participate in the Calgary Home + Design Show’s DIY Runway, I could hardly contain my excitement.  Not only did I receive done fabulous RustOleum products, but the proceeds raised at the auction were donated to Habitat for Humanity….

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Snuggle Up To Winter

Guys, listen up!  Chicks absolutely love the ambiance a fireplace adds to any space, and since romance is often a prelude to sex, you might want to pay attention. Unfortunately not all homes or budgets can support a gas burning beauty. However, an Electric Wall-Mount Fireplace adds warmth and a modern look to your home…