My passion is actually discovering local businesses and inspirational stories and then publishing them in my digital magazine.

I do this for the stories and businesses that inspire me. I do this because I love to share the ‘feel good’ moments and the hard work that each of you put into your business.

Most importantly, I do this as an effort to provide real content and share the person behind the brand. Social Medial has drastically changed the advertising landscape. You can no longer simply push a static message or conventional ad out to the world and expect the 1980s mind vacuum results. You need to interact with a sophisticated digital presence.

I could not accomplish such an endeavour without the absolutely wonderful team of contributors featured in each issue. I have had the absolute pleasure of working with most of the contributors in this publication for years. Many of the stories have touched my heart beyond what words can express. The others either inspire me to be a better me or help me reflect upon their life experience in order to love more and judge less.

Each article links directly back to the contributors website/social media page so please take your time and really interact with each story. Get to know these fabulous contributors and help share their story.

Furthermore, I’d like to introduce you to the entire premise of the magazine: Get One Give One. Our publication fosters local economic growth where corporate ad sponsors purchase advertising and the equivalent value is invested into a local business in kind.

I LOVE helping small local businesses grow but let’s face it, most small businesses cannot afford a double page spread in a leading magazine. However, a corporate sponsorship enables both parties equal exposure within the publication and really is a gift that keeps on giving by supporting LOCAL ECONOMIC GROWTH. Now that’s a win win situation!

Join the conversation, you know you want to.

With Love & Light,

Brandelyn – Creative Mastermind

[oh my: that’s haute.]