Noelle Oberg: Super Mom Smoothies


Written By:  Noelle Oberg

I would never actually classify myself as a “Super Mom” but I can say that I strive to be, and the only way I can keep my engine running is by fueling it with premium gas. Most of my life I have been extremely enthusiastic about eating nutritiously (just ask my friends and family, I think I drive them crazy lol). Its strange really because I didn’t grow up eating that healthy. We lived on a dime so there were A LOT of frozen fish sticks in our house. I hated it so much that my Mom would find hidden food that I didn’t want to eat in her plants and ornaments or I would spend my evening stuck at the table by myself gagging my way through bites. To be clear my Mom was a good cook but unfortunately didn’t have the time (sorry Ma). Perhaps I can thank her for the way I eat today. Fresh everything is a must!

Lately I seem to spend my days fighting the clock for more time being a mother of two girls (one 9, and the other only 6 months old) and a problem middle child in the form of a very large, ridiculously energetic DOG. Honestly I sometimes think my kids are more busy then I am with dance, piano, birthday parties, play dates (even the dog has those), weekend skiing, school, appointments that I wonder if they need to start carrying their own schedules.

I work full time from home in social work and I put as much pride into my work as I do anything else. I love my job. There is something about helping others to get the most out of their lives that makes it easier to love who you see in the mirror. Aside from all that I need to get to the gym or I go a bit batty, love to cook for my family, have a clean house, spend time with my friends and extended family and at the end of the day give my husband some undivided attention (he knows the difference).

Writing it all out seems a bit crazy but I know this is not really just a ME thing, it’s a MOM thing. A life that most Moms’ have making takeout look oh so spectacular. I am guilty of it too! Just think you can feed your family, not clean the kitchen and have left over’s to use for lunches tomorrow. I know I know the struggle is real. However did you know you get food hangovers? Sounds crazy right? Processed, sugared, salted, greasy foods reek such havoc on your system that it takes your body extra energy to fix itself. Thus making you tired again tomorrow and guess what?… Hitting that take out menu once again. Vicious cycle right?!

I make smoothies pretty much once a day, typically for breakfast because of the morning rush hour in our house. You can pack them full of not only nutritious ingredients like fruits and veggies but some super foods too. If you include some proteins it is a complete meal, likely to keep you full for hours. Its quick (especially if you always keep washed, chopped fruit and veggie in the fridge) and you can take it on the go. Sometimes I even make one for my 9 year old but with appropriate ingredients for her (no protein powder, or bee pollen just yet). It is important to eat a lot of veggies throughout the rest of the day but if for some reason I cannot, I always feel a bit better knowing I already had a bunch in the morning.

I am super excited to share some of my favorite quick and easy smoothie recipes for ultimate energy that I know every Mom can use! Try to use all local organic ingredients if you can. I am not a nutritionist but spend most of my free time researching nutrition and what I want my next super food to be. I will share some of what I have found along side the recipes.