Darpan Ahluwalia: Total Nutriton Diva

Absolutely stoked about including Holistic Health & Wellness as a regular topic within our magazine.  Introducing your TOTAL NUTRITION DIVA…Darpan Ahluwalia!  xo

For the past 18 years Darpan Ahluwalia has been a Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and a Certified Live Blood Analyst (CBA) Products Knowledge Expert/Educator and Formulator of My Gluten Free Products line.

Darpan (AKA Total Nutrition Diva ) owns/operates the Manotick Natural Market and Manotick Wellness Hub. She has been sharing her enthusiastic and passion for helping her customers and clients when it comes to the right kind of nutrition for them.

Darpan believes that finding nutritional balance for your body is the key to good health and that the Manotick Natural Market can be a great source of not only nutritional education but health and wellness products as well.

Total Nutrition Diva is happy to share her knowledge; it is what she lives for.