Chantal Sarkisian: Fashion & Beauty

Meet Chantal, your typical girly girl who love clothes, makeup, shoes, purses and everything else in between!  No lifestyle blog would ever be the same without Chantal and we are super stoked to have her onboard the team of oh my:  that’s haute contributors.

Photo Credit:  John Finnigan-Lin

Here’s what she has to say:

I’m a hot woman stuck in a larger body and I feel compelled to help other women feel the same way. This is why I started Mode XLusive, my Plus Size Fashion Blog for women based in Ottawa.

Let me share my XL fashion secrets and together we can make the world a trendier place for women of all shapes and sizes! I hate the stigma that lies between fashion and plus size women. We too deserve to look fabulous and trendy. We all have a desire to look our best and there is nothing better than expressing yourself through your clothes. It’s definitely one of my creative outlets.. among other things!

You will notice that my blog also covers makeup and hair styling. I have been a makeup artist and owner of Me2Morph (my Ottawa makeup artist company) for over 8 years now. I hope you enjoy my posts and feel inspired.

Nothing excites me more than seeing a beautifully presented woman who is not your standard size. Get out of your comfort zone (and clothes!) and get your inner fashionista-on!

xox Chantsy