All you need is LOVE – The ED by Ellen Collection

A couple of years ago, I found the most comfortable (and adorable) boots with the word ‘Love’ written across the soles. I had no idea who ‘ED’ the designer was, I just knew that you can’t possibly go wrong with having a little more love in every step. So I bought ‘em. ❤️

‘ED Ellen DeGeneres is a lifestyle brand inspired by the iconic style, values and personality of founder Ellen DeGeneres. With a passion for interior design, architecture and fashion, Ellen brings her unique vision to this beautifully designed, high quality collection of fashion, home, baby, and pet items. The ED Ellen DeGeneres brand encourages consumers to embrace and express their own sense of style and individuality through all parts of their life.’ My only regret with this purchase is that I didn’t buy multiple pair.

Now…fast forward a couple of years and I’m wandering the housewares section of Walmart and I catch a glimpse of a little ‘Love’ yet again. Upon closer inspection, I am thrilled to discover that Walmart carries the ED by Ellen collection.

Dish towels, placemats, oven mits, and the most amazing denim apron (that I will feature in my next post), embroidered with LOVE managed to make their way home with me that day. Honestly, I’m addicted…oh and the vintage inspired Ball mason jar…well that’s just thrown in for good measure.

All of this to say that this DesignerDIY’er is getting ready for her next home makeover project that includes all of these fabulous ED by Ellen finds. Make sure you follow along for all the deets!

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