Why I feel that Feminism is a Self Limiting Attitude

Let’s Talk Feminism

So, I’m really not one to publicly debate controversial subjects…because quite frankly…the contentious banter kills my zen.

That said…I feel that this topic is worth discussing.

An article popped up in my feed today entitled, “Dear Men, So you think want a strong, independent woman?” So, of course…it piqued my interest.

According to her article, I would possess several of the attributes that truly define a ‘strong, independent woman’, and I honestly don’t think that anyone would disagree with this perception of myself.

However, what really bothers me about this article is the assumption that we are all feminists, somehow victimized by misogyny, sexism, global oppression or otherwise.

I am as career focussed and as independent as they come. However, I have never felt that I have been held back in my career, taken advantage of, or discriminated against EVER.

My success has come as a direct result of me busting my ass, setting goals, and accomplishing whatever I set my mind to. Yes, there have been obstacles, disappointments and challenges along the way…but I am the ultimate maker of my own destiny.

In my humble opinion, the only thing a blog entitled “Victim Focus” enables is a mindset of self-limitation and not growth.

I will post the link to the article in the comments below and I’d love for both men and women alike to RESPECTFULLY weigh in on this topic. I’m curious. Here is the link to the article:


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