Date Night Wardrobe Selection

I knew the moment I slipped my naked foot into these supple leather ankle booties from The Frye Company that they were coming home with me. ❤️

Paired with an equally gorgeous cross body bag from Rudsak, while wrapping my torso in 100% cashmere, the only thing left to caress was gently taken care of by the form fitting hip hug of my Lucky Brand denim.

PS…is it getting hot in here? 🤣

It’s date night so deciding what to wear is always a carefully calculated endeavour. I want something that makes me feel simple yet sexy, demure yet desired.

When it comes to fashion, texture is huge for me and there is nothing sexier than wrapping myself in the little luxuries that make me feel fabulous.

Whether it be a look that’s layered with lace and cashmere, my favourite jeans and heels or that fabulous pair of Helmut Lang leather leggings, each piece is a deliberate reflection of my current mood.

Feminine and pretty vs flirty and confident, my outfit will always offer him just a little insight on what he can expect. And let’s face it ladies, guys can always use a little bit of extra help when it comes to understanding our complicated existence. 🤣


About the Frye Company

1888 marks the year that the very first boot ever was made by The Frye Company. With its precision stitching and quality leather, this boot is testimony to Frye’s unparalleled craftsmanship. Housed today at the Marlboro Historical Society, this boot was the beginning of a storied commitment to design expertise and quality.

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