Champagne or Sandwiches?

While I wandered the dog park today, snapping photos for the Ananda Movement, I ran into an old friend and during the typical “hi, how are you” exchange, I received a response that annoyed me a little.

After being asked how I was doing, I responded that things were busy but going really well and the response was, “oh good, you’re always doing well, I wish I had your luck.”

Well, I’m here to tell you, if you think my life has anything to do with “luck”, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you are sadly mistaken.

If you google the definition of luck, you would likely see that luck is defined as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

I’m here to tell you that my life is 100% comprised of what I make of it and how I respond to what happens to me. Both my successes and failures are always a direct result of the actionable measures I took to accomplish either and I am fully accountable for the results of each.

Every day is a work in progress and despite the fact that I like to view the world through rose coloured glasses, I also get served my fair share of shit sandwiches.

The difference is, I know that moment is not defining me, that moment is a reminder that there is always something to learn in life. In other words, my shit sandwiches are merely opportunities in disguise.

In my life, I’ve been dumped, fired, sued (oh yeah, that was fun), I’ve screwed up financially, made terrible relationship choices…and the list goes on. BUT…not one of those moments had anything to do with who I was or what I could accomplish. YOU are the only person that can decide that.

So what will it be? Champagne or sandwiches…the choice is yours! 😘

What do you do to overcome adversity?

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  1. Joan MacNeil says:

    Strong women like yourself and your mom become strong because of the sh-t you had to go through . Rock on Brandelyn , you are one beautiful strong woman, smart enough to fool some people into thinking it was luck . 😘


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. ❤️


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