So You Wanna Be A Blogger – Lighting 101

Let’s face it, in today’s increasingly visual world, it is imperative that your posts outshine the rest of the social media noise. And let’s be honest, even if your content is spectacular…you need to ensure that your visual quality is superb.

With a first impression, it takes less than 10 seconds for someone to form an opinion. So why on earth if you are trying to impress anyone, would you go into it half a$$ed? Seriously!

Let’s face it, we all don’t have access to professional photographers 24/7 but if we want to get noticed, we need to present the best we have with what we’ve got.
Lighting can make or break your posts so, for the love of gawd, invest in a set up that suits your needs.

So wether you are struggling with the natural lighting beaming in from the window to your right or the unflattering task lighting above, plug in a couple of studio reflectors and BAM…problem solved!  
Obviously if you are just getting started, you don’t need the big kahunas of the LED lighting world. In fact, depending on your budget, there are several options available.
I am going to recommend my favourite options, because I am familiar with each of them and I use all three set ups depending on my needs.

#1. The Grab and Go

Literally, this little LED dynamo is fanfreakintastic. For real. It is available on, costs less than 20 bucks and I never leave home without it. You know…for those times you find yourself locked in the pitch dark Marketing closet at the office. But wait…let me take a #selfie. 😂

#2. The Pop Up Studio

Honestly, I cannot tell you how many times this little studio has popped up and saved the day. Comes complete with black, white and green backdrops, as well as the studio reflector and diffuser umbrellas. All for under $200. Once again, Amazon…I love you.

#3. The Big Kahunas

Certainly overkill if you are just looking to post a few selfies on your Instagram feed but man oh man…these puppies are incredible. With LCD touch and dial controls, digitally controlled dimmable output and Digitally adjustable colour temperature output your inner lighting diva will never be the same again. Available from your friendly neighbourhood camera store for under $2000. Not cheap, but definitely worth it.

 So there you have it…my top 3 recommendations to bring out your inner lighting geek.

Happy Blogging!

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