Pamper Me Pretty – Eyelash Envy

Feature Photo Credit:  Bri Anderson-Jackson

Embrace the aging process they say, grow old gracefully they say…yeah, yeah, so here’s the thing…getting old is a bitter sweet experience.  I mean I totally appreciate the wisdom I’ve gained along the way…but…the wrinkles…meh…you can keep em Father Time!

I will however acknowledge that I must accept the inevitable and instead, focus on the little things that pamper me pretty!  Hence the reason for this new column in the magazine. In our latest column, Pamper Me Pretty, we will share with you all of the frivolous little things that we find and experience that make us smile.

Love Me Some Lashes!

This month, after totally experiencing eyelash envy when checking out the pretty lil waitress at Earl’s on Forth (we’ve dubbed her luscious), she divulged her dirty little secret…Eyelash Extensions!  So guess what that means…along with lashes for days…no more mascara for this gal!  I decided to head to OUTLASH Beauty Boutique in Inglewood and love me some lashes.  I booked with one of their newest lash technicians, Claire, an Esthetician that fell in love with the eyelash extension concept and truly does an amazing job.

So although I’m no makeup artist…quite the opposite actually, more of a plain Jane, I quite enjoy the look.  AND..although I wish I could have professional hair and makeup at my disposal daily, my minimalistic makeup will have to do!  😉



What are your thoughts on Eyelash Extensions?  We’d love to know…hit us up below! xo


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