A Torrent Love Affair:  From One Dirty Diesel To The Next

Dear Volkswagen Canada,

Although this is written with tongue in cheek, you’ll get the point. It’s been several days since I sent you my open letter and I feel that it’s time to get personal.

Since 2006, I have been involved with a few of your Volkswagens. Now, other than an expression of my loyalty, we won’t focus much on my first love, Ruby, the 2006 Jetta Highline as she didn’t have any indiscretions…or at least any that I am aware of.

But Vader, on the other hand – my 2012 Jetta TDI, was purchased following extensive research. You see, much like your advertised commitment to the environment, (you know your ‘like really clean diesel’) I was actively completing several Green Design courses. As someone frequently involved with giving advice on home renovations, I have a keen interest in truly minimizing our impact on the environment.

So, while I was researching a more “responsible” vehicle choice, I was also genuinely interested in truly making an environmental difference. And I fell for your lies – hook, line and sinker. (Ahem…#cleandiesel)

Notwithstanding the fact that our entire relationship was predicated on a big fat lie, in the 3 years that followed, you seemed to be the perfect match for my lifestyle and my values. My, fuel efficient, Volkswagen clean diesel had completely won my heart and I decided that you were definitely ‘the one.’ So I traded my almost paid for dirty diesel number one and acquired dirty diesel number two – Pearl, the 2015 Passat TDI. 

You see Volkswagen, your fraudulent actions extend well beyond your deceitful marketing. Many people, like myself, made major life decisions based on your lies. We trusted you.

Make it right Volkswagen. It’s time.

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