Walk for Wenjack

When Gord Downie announced that he was coming to Ottawa to perform a concert for his Secret Path project, I was honored when Rob Ferreira, the founder of a fundraising committee called Courage for Gord, asked me to be the lead organizer of a pre-concert fundraiser. In August, the Courage for Gord committee organized pre-concert fundraiser parties across the country during The Tragically Hip’s Man Machine Poem Tour, raising almost $50,000 for Sunnybrook Foundation. In September, they launched a website and ecommerce platform, http://www.courageforgord.org, where unlicensed merchandise is sold. I had never organized a fundraiser before and I was hesitant to run this one because it touched on a lot of topics that I was unfamiliar with. Like many Canadians of my generation, I was trained to ignore what was happening up North. The education system which I attended as a child barely touched on the subject. At home there was a negative stigma and while I was in university, courses with Aboriginal focus were not my top priority. I felt unsettled and then realized, that it wasn’t just me. [read more…]

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