The Silvertree Studio in Canmore, Alberta

There’s just something so nostalgic about a spontaneous road trip.

When we were kids, my mom would pack us up and we’d hit the road. The destination never mattered, it was an adventure and we were game. I guess that’s why every weekend I have the compelling urge to hop in my car and hit the road. Usually without a destination in mind and ending up wherever the wind blows me.

This particular weekend was no exception, I headed west and wound up in one of my favourite destinations in the heart of the Rockies known as Canmore, AB – a quaint, little mountain town about 50 minutes west of Calgary.

As I was wandering down the main strip checking out all of the little local boutiques I stumbled across a collection of artistic sensory overload all wrapped up in what’s known as the Silver Tree Studio. With live music playing, artists painting upon entry and a collection of local artisan pieces, words simply cannot adequately describe the magnetic draw I felt as I entered the shop.  IT WAS AMAZING.

Click below to see what this little local gem has in store.



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