OMG! Your Webpage Is Like So Last Season

Header image across the top, widgets on the right (or left…depending on how you roll) with content occupying the rest.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, well just as fashion and your home decor has a shelf life, so does your website.

Though I like to dabble with DIY web design and I have made some decent pages for my business needs, I have included some tips in a recent article based on my own experience, however, before we get to that (and I can’t believe that I have to say this in 2016)…please make sure that whomever is doing your website for you ensures that it is mobile friendly.

What do I mean by this?  Well, your website will display very differently across devices.  What looks good on your desktop can be a catastrophe on a smart phone.  Why is this important?  Let me just show the most recent stats from one of my webpages that displays the type of reading devices my readers are using:

reading devices

Click the image below for more tips on this topic. 

[oh my: that’s haute.]

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Feb March 2016

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