Signature Scent: DIY Perfume

I absolutely love essential oils, and I would not trade the benefits that I have experienced since eliminating lab synthesized chemicals from my life for anything. Like any other girlie-girl, I love cosmetics, perfume, and all other beauty products. I just never liked not knowing exactly what I was using on a daily basis. Since completing an Aromatherapy course, I have replaced all of my moisturizers, perfumes, hair care and household cleaning products with natural homemade alternatives.

Though there are still considerations that you need to be aware of when using essential oils, such as adherence to recommended concentrations to avoid topical sensitivities, once you know what you are doing, you will likely never go back to synthetic products again.

To make your own signature scent combine 2-3 essential oils in a carrier oil such as Organic Jojoba Oil for a roll on . You can also experiment with a solid perfume by melting bees wax and then adding your roll on blend into the wax. It’s always best to select a top, middle and base note when blending a perfume for a well balanced fragrance, however, practice truly does make perfect with this DesignerDIY.

For a rich, sweet, warm and woody fragrance, combine the following in a 5ml frosted glass roll on container:

  • 7 drops Vanilla CO2
  • 2 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

Fill roll on container with Organic Jojoba Oil and mix gently and set to mature for 2 weeks prior to use. Always patch test prior to use to ensure that you have no allergies.


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  1. Colleen Martin says:

    Looking forward to trying this new blend.


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