I’m Not Creeping…It’s Called Research

Yes she is our Dating & Relationship EXPERT and yes she posts [very candid] amazing advice, but honestly, the reason why I love Tina has nothing to do with her personal dating endeavours.

Tina is one of the most amazing philanthropists that I’ve had the honour to call my friend.  Her mission melts my heart and is the reason that she is on the cover of the next issue! We will be discussing it in the ‘Let Love Light Your Way’ February 2016 issue of [oh my: that’s haute.]

In the interim however, you can check our her advice in our premiere issue:

Have you ever experienced the trials and tribulations of online dating?

I encourage you to follow Tina, our Dating & Relationships guru, as she journals her hilarious dating experiences.

Click the image below to view the entire publication: 
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[oh my: that’s haute]

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