Get One Give One: Corporate Ad Sponsorship

As we get ready to launch our debut issue, I’d like to introduce you to the entire premise of the magazine: Get One Give One. Our publication fosters local economic growth where corporate ad sponsors purchase advertising and the equivalent value is invested into a local business in kind.

I LOVE helping small local businesses grow but let’s face it, most small businesses cannot afford a double page spread in a leading magazine. However, a corporate sponsorship enables both parties equal exposure within the publication and really is a gift that keeps on giving by supporting LOCAL ECONOMIC GROWTH. Now that’s a win win situation!

So, I am here to ask you to help me help you and your small business grow by spreading the word about this new digital magazine​ by sharing this post with the link to my Kickstarter campaign below.

#LIVELOCAL #LOVELOCAL What goes around comes around! Let’s make this happen. Together we can achieve more. 🙂

“Congratulations, your project is live on Kickstarter!


Here’s your project URL:

The countdown begins now. You know what to do: tell people about it!


With Gratitude,


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