Inside Cover

Research indicates that every year gym memberships usually spike by 30-50% in January to accommodate the infamous New Year’s resolution, yet attendance dwindles off shortly thereafter.

Why is this?  We set a clearly defined goal, with great enthusiasm, and shortly thereafter we begin making excuses to justify our absence and why we can’t commit. I’m guilty of it myself. Though it’s no secret that the thought of going to the gym is as appealing to me as climbing into my brother’s hockey bag after a weekend tournament. I envy those with such dedication.

To be successful with any endeavour, you must set realistic goals and thoroughly understand what it will take to achieve them.
This is why I have selected Madelaine Garcia to appear on the cover of the January issue. Not only is she the VP of Marketing for one of Canada’s largest medical firms, she is quite possibly the most inspirational woman that I know in the health and fitness industry. She inspires me daily to be a better me.

Her recent fitness challenges are nothing short of extraordinary and the obstacles that she’s overcome through research, perseverance and dedication are what compelled me to share her journey with you in our debut issue.

Be sure to sign up to #thehautelist now by clicking the link to the left or the image at the top of this page and reserve your copy of this motivational issue.

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