Not All Fairytales Have Happy Endings

Alright so now that you have it out of your system after a fabulous trash the dress photoshoot, you’re ready to grab the world by the tail and swing it, and then…reality sets in.

First comes love…then comes marriage…blah blah blah. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not being cynical here, however, I have witnessed many a break up wreak havoc on my bestie’s emotions. Many of us stay in an unhappy relationship because we are paralyzed with fear. Not necessarily fear of physical harm, although I know that this can also be the case, but a fear of the unknown.

We find ourself asking how will I afford it? What about the kids? The house? All of the other marital assets? Our thoughts become overwhelming and we end up staying because in its own bizarre way, the unhappy certainty is far less intimidating than the unknown.

As an entrepreneur and business development professional, timelines and strategic planning are a must for any successful venture. Your divorce/separation is no different. Though you likely didn’t enter into the whole wedding venture with this outcome in mind, you have to be aware of the possibility.

Understanding the law is a complex and convoluted endeavour; one best reserved for those with…well…a law degree. Speaking with a lawyer in advance is by far the best thing you can do if you are planning (or dealing with) a divorce or separation.

Though I’m in no position to give you strategic advice on your Divorce Gantt Chart, I’m thrilled to introduce our next contributor.  Stay tuned…she’s a goodie!

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