F#@k The Frock & Move On With It Already

Let’s face it, not all relationships were meant to last and to be honest, more often than not this is a blessing in disguise.  So, what do you do with that pretty little dress of yours sitting in the closet collecting dust?  Well, you could sell it, but why pass that shit onto someone else?

Instead, I recommend a day on the town where you can strut your stuff in that fancy frock and let your emotions lead the way.  Who knows where you’ll end up but can I guarantee that you’ll have a blast along the way.


Holding onto failed relationships is as about as healthy as eating the 3 month old biology experiment (otherwise known as left overs) that you found festering in your refrigerator.  It stinks!  So why bother?  Instead look for the lesson gained from the relationship and move on.


Now I realize that this can be easier said than done, however, once you master the art of letting go, the world becomes a much happier place.  Instead of attracting the negative vibes associated with hanging onto a break up, start visualizing the activities that complete you and make you whole again.


The world of self-discovery can be a tumultuous place.  There will be highs and there will be lows, but in the end, the journey is well worth the emotional roller coaster.


And as the old adage goes, the minute you stop desperately seeking what you feel is missing, your world will become filled with more than you ever dreamed was imaginable.


Photo credit:  Avenida Garcia Special Moments Photography

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